Best Star Wars Collectables in 2018


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Star Wars is a largely popular movie which is loved and favoured by both of children and adults. This is the main reason why there is such a wide variety of different Star Wars collectables available to purchase.

Star Wars ranges from a series of movies which is another reason why these collectables are so popular. Some of the choices of the things that are available to collect are models, figurines, and replica Lightsabers.

Some of the most popular Star Wars collectables include:

  • Star Wars Ship Models
  • Replica Lightsabers
  • Movie Posters
  • Character Figurines

Star Wars Ship Models

There are a wide range of magnificent Star Wars models to acquire which you would love if you are a Star Wars fan and someone who is interested in collecting models. Some of the most sought out Star Wars models are the classic e.g. the Millennium Falcon, R2D2, and C3PO.

The Millennium Falcon ship is a well-known model for Star Wars fan and this may be because of its impressive shape and detail. It has a key role in the movie which is also a reason why many people wish to own this model. You can order these kinds of models for yourself from official Star Wars vendors such as ModelSpace.

Replica Lightsabers

Lightsaber toys can be bought online and are adored by children who feel they are experiencing what the characters of Star Wars do when playing with them. They are not only loved by children but are also a great addition to anyone’s Star Wars collection as everyone is familiar with the Star Wars Lightsabers.

You can get various different colours and replicas of each character’s Lightsaber from Star Wars. This will then make them more interesting to collect as you can collect every character’s unique Lightsaber. Some sites are dedicated to creating and supplying movie-quality lightsabers, such as Ultra Sabers.

Movie Posters for the latest Star Wars poster designs.

Character Figurines

There is a diverse range of characters in Star Wars which means there are a plethora of figures to choose from. It can be enjoyable to try and collect all characters and see how many you can collect.

You may want to start by collecting your favourite characters and if you are a Star Wars fan they would be perfect to admire on display as they can be very detailed and well-made, looking realistic and representing the life-like character you love. You can get a group of figures at the one time also such as the force awakens, rogue one or the last Jedi sets.

Start Collecting Your Own Today

Star Wars collectables are becoming more popular today and are ideal for all Star Wars fans. They could make a great addition to your shelf or desk and you may feel great satisfaction once you have collected all of your favourite collectables from your favourite film.